How can science help education? This is the challenge which moves The Brazilian Network of Science for Education (Rede Cpe). Created in November 2014 by a group of scientists from different universities, our network has gathered more than 70 associated members, researchers from various areas, united by the common goal of sharing knowledge and conducting scientific research that may promote better educational practices and policies based on evidence.

The network is formed by scientists and educators interested in joining efforts to promote integrative and interdisciplinary scientific approaches to address the many complexities surrounding learning.

Our mission is to join eff­orts in order to promote translational research on education. It means to use integrative and interdisciplinary scientific approaches to address the many complexities surrounding learning. To achieve this aim, we intend to establish solid communication between educators and scientists through meetings and research collaborations.

Our goals

  • To identify and connect research groups whose work can contribute to the understanding and improvement of learning
  • To bring together researchers, educators and policy-makers to discuss the various fields of science for education and their political and practical consequences
  • To foster and conduct research on learning and teaching
  • To promote experiments on schools to test pedagogical hypotheses

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