Rede CpE has been conducting an extensive census to identify researchers whose studies can be applied to education. It will help us track research groups who may join our network. All the data being collected on this project will be used to create an online tool open to the public and the scientific community in which it will be possible to search by themes and researchers’ names, making it easy to grow new scientific collaborations and networks.

As the first step of this project, we conducted a survey of all PhD researchers working in Brazil, in any area of science that has application or some interface with learning. Using digital tools such as ScripLattes and Gephi Software, we searched by key words within Lattes Platform and identified over 102K profiles. The next step will be to apply filters to identify and categorize the research groups which can be part of the Rede Cpe.

In our preliminary results we have identified:

  • 25,000 researchers whose works have some relation to education
  • 2,683 researchers highly productive and collaborative
  • 50 research groups invited to join the Rede CpE