Check the full lectures of the International Symposium on Science for Education, satellite event of IBRO Congress, which took place in Rio de Janeiro at July 5th and 6th.


July 5th, 2015

Welcome and Introduction

Opening Lecture – Physiological bottlenecks of school learning – why biology trumps psychology in education
Sidarta Ribeiro (Brain Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande doNorte, Brazil)

Early learning and the child’s developing brain
Patricia Kuhl (University of Washington, USA)

Early cognitive development in fullterm and preterm infants
Marcela Peña (Universidad Catolica de Chile)

On novelty, expectations and the labile nature of memory
Martin Cammarota (Brain Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)

Musical synchrony and attention in school children
Victor Minces (University of California at San Diego, USA)

Biological benefits of music training for the developing brain
Dana L. Strait (Northestern University, USA)

Music intervention enhances infants’ neural processing of temporal structure in music and speech
Christina Zhao (Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, University of Washington)


July 6th, 2015

Learning Design Studio: bridging big data analytics with the learning sciences to advance e-Learning pedagogy
Nancy Law (Hong Kong University)

Action video games as exemplary learning tools
Daphne Bavelier (Rochester University, USA)

Tablets at school: improving math abilities by estimation games
Alejandro Maiche (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay)
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Biological and sociocultural determinants of neurocognitive development: Central aspects of the current scientific agenda
Sebastián Lipina (Applied Neurobiology, Argentina)
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(I) How Cultural Stereotypes Influence Student Identity and STEM Learning
Dario Cvenček (University of Washington, USA)

Enhancing spatial learning for success in STEM disciplines
Nora Newcombe (Temple University, USA)
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(II) How Cultural Stereotypes Influence Student Identity and STEM Learning
Andrew Meltzoff (University of Washington, USA)

The brain on values: How social values may help promote education
Jorge Moll (D’Or Institute for Research and Education, Brazil)

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